Viviana Anaya | UX, Visual Design Portfolio

Viviana Anaya

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Category Animated Gif
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator
Date 2016


The partner weekly emails showcase different vendors in which Shop Your Way members can purchase products outside Sears or Kmart and earn points. These emails normally follow a template to streamline the workflow. From time to time, we incorporate animated GIFs to break away from static campaigns.


Animated Gif

The animation shows how to redeem points when you dine out.  The animation showcase a burger on a plate that disappears at each bite and the end it showcase a collage of products on the plate.
 A bowl of ramen with hot steam moving slowly.
Groupon animation rotating different images like travel, beauty, and fitness
Three images rotating for a fall Groupon image: pumpkin soup, a skull lying on wood with corn candy, and a pumpkin pattern image.
Chat bubble email design for Pure Talk. The animation is emoticons displaying slowing. Get 5% is crossed out to highlight 30% in points. s