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Viviana Anaya

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  • The pet sitter website which includes a web banner of an English dog relaxing on a bean chair. The look and feel of the site is earthy and posh.
  • Four logo concepts with different types of dogs (Chihuahua and poodle icons)
  • Invoice and pricelist form with the pet sitters logo
  • Social media banners that showcase a different type of pets

Pet Sitter BA

Category Visual Design
Date 2013
Client Pet Sitters BA


While living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my friends (or random foreigners I met) would ask me if I would be able to take care of their pets when they traveled. Most expats traveled in and out of the country constantly to visit their family or travel to neighboring South American countries. I realized that there wasn't any trustworthy and reliable pet sitting services in the home for either foreigners or locals. In Argentina, there isn’t such a thing as Yelp or customers reviews. If a pet owner needed a pet sitter, he/she would mostly ask friends via word of mouth or asking through a discussion forum.

At the time, the only services offered were doggy day care or dog walking services. Dog walkers don’t walk 4-5 dogs; they walk up to 15-20 giant, huge dog breeds. That might sound terrifying for those foreigners with small dogs that are just new in the country without knowing Spanish. In addition, the country is obsessed with dogs, which exclude other types of pets.

I saw an opportunity to fill in a niche to a specific market: pet sitting services at the home, dog walking services with small groups, and to provide services for other types of pets. The target audience was catering to foreigners living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My role

Visual Designer/ Pet Sitter


I no longer live in Argentina. I handed off Pet Sitters to one of my dear friends, and she is now looking after the site. She has received positive feedback of the services because of her hard work.